new horizons.

a dream team, to bring your project to fruition.

Marketing, design, consulting, strategy, launch assistance, and more…

When your idea is ready to sprout out of the seed phase,

and grow like a tree until fruition, you need a team that has your back.

Regenerative solutions are our passion, and we want to get behind your vision,

get behind your mission, and collaborate towards a better tomorrow.

All of our offerings are combined in one, including our bi-weekly consulting

& strategy calls, sponsorship packages, press releases, a spot in our ambassador network,

mycelial marketing, content creation, and graphic design, with the additions of email marketing,

organizational coherence & resolution, and natural rhythms movement

to create the ultimate support for the greatest project imaginable.

We’re your team, here to create the reality you’ve only dreamed of.

top of mind awareness.

stay in mind, in their inbox.

While social media takes care of many of your audience’s needs,

it doesn’t quite feel as personal as an email.

Email marketing campaigns still are an extremely successful avenue,

you just need someone who knows how to do it right.

The key is not sending mail that bores the reader, or feels sales-y,

it’s to send them either useful or personal messages

that send said reader on a journey.

Our focus is on keeping your brand top-of-mind,

and engaging your audience in a more meaningful way.

you want a smooth operation.

communication and coherence go hand in hand.

The conflict resolution strategies you have in place on your team or org

can single handedly make or break the success of your project.

While it may sound easy and fun to collaborate, we all know that this isn’t the

case 100% of the time, and that things inevitably happen that cause tension.

Our team building services allow a space for every individual’s heart to be heard,

while keeping the focus on business and everyone to be on the same page.

Act as a cohesive unit, create closer bonds, and strengthen your team at the same time.

tap into the universal flow.

harmonize with the Earth.

Get in sync with the natural rhythms of our planet, and structure

your organization and events around the most aligned time to act.

Feel everything shift and flow into fun functionality, allowing yourself

to move through the motions in an intentional way, taking inspired action.

From sunset, to sunrise, full moon, to new moon, and all the variations

of astrological alignments imaginable, you’re going to set sail on a journey

into the core of your being and what you want to reflect unto your organization.

watch destiny unfold.

grandeur awaits.

Your ideas are award winning, but need special attention and the utmost care to bloom.

We’re not here for hand-holding, but to blow expectations out of the water and do some serious upleveling.

If you’re ready to step up and implement a game-changing team, we’re here to bat for you.

We want your project to be the best it can truly be – with a long term strategy, and actions synced with the universal flow.

Vanilla Bean



$33,3333 months

what path will you walk?

Let’s make it a reality