“Hustle.” Frequenting the millennial’s dictionaries today is a word with seemingly unsightly, now-forgotten (or ignored) origins. Not long ago was this word used in reference to illicit dealings or gruff interactions. Even still, is used in dark areas of society, almost inaudibly said in shady alleyways around transactions of sorts – the things that no moral person gets involved with. That being said, this word has been repurposed, or redefined in today’s slang. Suddenly it has been changed into a word of supposed power, especially in entrepreneurial communities, to show effort towards goals. However, this was written to politely disagree, and suggest a new course of action for our communities of bright minds. While it may seem empowering to redefine a word, there is ostensibly a better path to take.

There are surely very few people on this planet who dislike success. Success is what drives us further out into the world, with soaring hearts, ready to be a force of greater change. It creates a feeling inside of us that leads us to believe, through and through, that we can achieve our dreams. Success can be small. Success can be big. And almost unarguably, one of the greatest forms of success is to be able to overfill your cup and let the bounty you created flow over onto those around you. Or in other words, the pursuit of absolute abundance. Abundance is a word steeped in beauty. For thousands of years this word has depicted a bounty, often too great to conceive, or in abstract, an ever-flowing fountain, a cornucopia from the gods. An abundance is what you are blessed with – in excess, something you can share. And abundance, that’s right, is the word we should certainly strive to use.

While all beings are held under the tenet of free will, we tend to emulate those we look up to. Many in the entrepreneurial community look up to figures who have created abundance for themselves – and this is unquestionably an incredible thing. It’s beyond empowering to make something for yourself. However, rather than approaching the topic this way, many slip into the perspective of that “he has the hustle” or “she is a hustler.” Of course, there are much finer ways of relaying our praise.

The way we explain our inner thoughts and feelings is a quintessential part of our experience on this planet. The words we use every day contribute in some form to our perception of the world around us – as you will see with people who use more positive words to describe what they are interpreting around them, usually feel much better themselves. Words are essentially sounds created out of vibration and each word we say has a vibratory match to the intent it was created with, so while a word that has been redefined no longer has the same, original meaning, it still is a vibratory match for the original intent behind it. This is one reason why it may be preferable to use positive, empowering words, rather than ones that have simply changed over time.

In times long ago, humans once looked up to “gods” – deities that embody characteristics that often, they would like to emulate. Rather than looking up to a person this way, humans were matching their deeds and actions to the likes of something grand. Today, we’re often shooting for something Earthly, as we’re looking towards other humans for inspiration, rather than something that seems more celestial as we’ve moved into a science-only driven age. And what these humans that are often looked up to tout around often fall under the categories of fame, power, money, or sex. Something that another human has, that you may not. What happened to emulating the qualities of the figures we look up to? Rather than wanting to “slay” like Kim Kardashian, perhaps we want to deliver mercy onto others like the goddess Guan Yin. Perhaps we want to emulate those that are worth the flattery.

As esoteric as that may sound, it’s just a point of reference for this new frame of mind. The real question comes down to if we, as individuals looking at the collective greater good, would rather follow something worthy of the greatest form of respect, or would we rather continue to “hustle,” continue to “slay” trying to “reach the top” because it’s the status quo. “Hustling” your way to abundance seems quite contradictory. Ultimately, this isn’t to steer you away from your mentors or teachers, simply to give a refreshing look at the way we condition ourselves to look at them and their behavior. What is it that they are doing? They are creating abundance by being authentically themselves, and this is what we should praise them for.

Here’s to a change in mindset – a change from a lack mentality. A shift to a new way of thinking, where we don’t necessarily have to “hustle” and expend all of our energy on making sales. Let’s create a better way of living for ourselves where we empower every individual to find their mission, and commit to it, then find success through their authenticity and true nature. We’re here to disperse the myth that you cannot do what you want because you’re born into something entirely different. We’re here to tell you that you should chase your purpose fiercely and never stop vying for a better tomorrow. And our step one is to embrace our purpose on this planet and rise up. Match our mindset to what we are looking for. When looking for abundance, we don’t use terms that are almost the antithesis of that. We use words of freedom, words that are by original intent, pure.

So no, “hustle” is not an endearing term used for those who deserve respect. “Hustle” is not a word used to show that you have created something bountiful… It is a word that can’t escape the paradigm it was created in – a word created with necessity for more – coming from a mindset of lack. To fully reclaim our independence from a world formed from lust, greed, and angst, we shall use words that fit our vision. Abundance is one of them. “Hustle” is not.