A Next Level Soul-Aligned Biz Incubator

The reason why you’re not successful yet is because it’s

NOT in your design to ‘do it all’…

It IS in your design to embody your Soul Aligned Purpose.

It’s time to ACTIVATE the field of collaboration and co-creation…

so we can all embody our higher purpose while we’re here.

Cut-throat competition is not fun (nor is it our nature… even Darwin gave credit to working together)

But first, we’re going to take you on a journey…

because we know that before you can step into your higher purpose with confidence,

you have to be clear on a few things…

Who Are You?

What is your Soul Aligned Purpose?

Who do you LOVE working with?

For such simple questions, you would be amazed
at how many people DO NOT know the answers.

In fact…many existential practices will encourage you to explore “Who Am I” so that you may end up down a rabbit hole of existence…

But we’re not going to go that deep for this practice.

We ARE going to be your support system for stepping into alignment and showing up confidently, singing your heart song to your most aligned audience.

And most importantly, you’ll be tapped into your joy, your passion — which actually means ‘to pass ions’ — meaning there is an electric charge people feel from your excitement.

We’re going to ACTIVATE your electro-magnetic field.

When you step into alignment you’re going to be electric, charged up.

And when you’re speaking to people that resonate with your message, they’ll be magnetized to your heart.

It’s beauty.

So you may be wondering
HOW we’re going to facilitate this process…

Well…it’s all very simple.

This dropped in from Spirit and we have been guided to share this with you – and not in a “woowoo” sense.

Both the “super spiritual” community and the entrepreneurial pitch-fests on the internet make us want to gag.

It’s just that simplicity is key in mastery.

And ACTIVATE is a stepping stone to a much larger collaborative field we are currently co-creating (that means you also have a chance to plug in and play wherever you want to, with whomever you want to).

It’s a stepping stone because if this biz incubator is “right” for you…

You need help with the CLARITY.

You need help with picking a niche.

You need help speaking to your aligned audience in a way that moves them to take inspired action.

And you still haven’t figured out what your unique soul offering is…yet.

So…this is what we’re going to do in ACTIVATE:

But the greatest benefit of ACTIVATE is this:

You are so supported to embody your soul-aligned purpose.

There is a whole world being built on the other side…

And first…

You are invited to step into Soul Alignment.


And if you need an outline of more specific details of what we’re going to cover in this business incubator…

Here are the deets:

Week 1: Personal Archetype Cards

Week 2: The Art of Prosperity

Week 3:  Gene Keys

Week 4: Biz and client Archetype Cards

Week 5: The Art of Niching +Hyper-niching

Week 6: The Art of Offering

Week 7: The Art of Storytelling

Week 8: The Art of Aligned Connections

Week 9: The Art of Weaving it All Together

ACTIVATE is a next level biz incubator

designed to support you in getting clear,

confident, focused, and aligned

in creating your soul aligned biz

that attracts your ideal clients.

You will embrace, embody, and activate your vision through this course.

~ Join ACTIVATE – Next Level Biz Incubator NOW ~

For those who are a full ALIGNED YES – we’re going to give you our fullest attention and support straight away.

We opened the ACTIVATE portal on 11.11 to begin seeding the incubator with tons of juicy pre-content for you

Plus…You’ll receive our 1-1 support to answer all your questions and get started on the foundations of building your soul aligned biz.

We’re inviting 8-12 people into the incubator at this time, and we have a quick survey to create a cohesive container for the ACTIVATE field.

If you feel you’re a good fit, this offer is lighting you up and inspiring you to take your next step…

click the button, answer the questions and we will connect with you soon!!


$2,200when paid in full

Payment Plan

$3,300split into 3

All that’s left to do is…

Activate Your Soul Aligned Business