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We offer four packages, and three separate services that require their own independent budgets.

Content Creation

Your grand ideas are capable of coming alive, but you need a plan. We’ve got your back, with twice weekly consulting and strategy calls and over-the-top worksheets to keep you and your team on the ball.

Content Creation

The breakthrough you need for your launch is waiting to be had. Our consulting & strategy calls are paired perfectly with sponsorships, ambassadors, and press releases for the ultimate project initiation.

Content Creation

Aesthetics to die for. Or perhaps, to live for, because now your ideas will look greater than ever. We combine our calls and breakthrough offerings with mycelial marketing, content writing, and graphic design so that your project will be absolutely irresistable to outsiders looking in.

Content Creation

You need an unstoppable force behind your vision to make it come alive – so we provide everything you could ask for and more. All offerings in one, alongside email marketing, organizational coherence & resolution, and natural rhythms movement, so that your project sails smoothly into success.

WordPress Web Design

Responsive, clean WordPress based web design and custom solutions you can vibe with.

Funnels and Ads

Advertising campaigns to increase your traffic and create market awareness.

Content Creation

Taking users on a journey through funnels, whilst generating leads and opt-ins.

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