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Who are we?

We’re a team of Earth-centered conscious entrepreneurs, experts in our individual fields.

AlexandraChief Web Designer, Copywriter and Strategist
Alexandra began her marketing career through Whole Foods Market and went on to manage a full spectrum digital marketing agency before discovering that on her own, she could serve conscious organizations on their journey in the online realm. Paired with her passion for helping others and the planet – design, writing, organization and creative problem solving are all within her zone of genius.
BrittneyChief Funnel Expert, Copywriter and Strategist
Brittney’s way with words has brought her to work alongside incredible figures in the regenerative industry and led her to organize many events, all with a focus on healing ourselves and our planet. She’s got the solutions in mind that you have been yearning for, and the ability to tap into your ideal audience’s deepest thoughts, feelings, and emotions, opening your org up to visibility & flow.
ThomasChief Advertising Agent, Consultant and Strategist
As the Co-Founder of the 501c3 HUGS, Thomas draws his marketing background from the media, and non-profit sectors. Video sales letters and video creation are some of his first specialties along with ad words, brand design and more. As a consultant or a mentor he would love to ensure your Social Benefit organization reaches maximum impact and potential.
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we believe that to be successful,


real, human connection must be


merged with marketing efforts.

And so we’re doing it – authentically communicating – in our own way.

We’re speaking to you – the relentless spirit that knows no bounds when getting the right thing accomplished.

We’re speaking to you – the being of light who wants to be a source of abundance for all those around you.

And especially you – the ever curious mind that has your eyes set on the stars with your feet firmly planted to the ground.

We want you to join us, and co-create a better, beautiful world.

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